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The Unknown Truth About the Keshe Foundation 2014

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The Unknown Truth About the Keshe Foundation 2014

이 문서에는 케쉬 재단에 관하여 잘 알려지지 않은 내용이 들어있습니다.

특히, 케쉬 반응로의 전기적 회로(연결 계통도)가 이 문서에 포함되어 있습니다.




2014-03-25 at 10:41
From: Keshe Foundation
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2014 9:55 AM [Mountain]
Subject: Re: Powercell deliveryDirk Laureyssens posted in KesheThoughtsgroupWorldwide

The case of Mehran Tavakoli KESHE is important. It shows how incomplete information of a government can turn against a innocent person. I will explain more.

MT Keshe is an Iranian national. He is a nuclear engineer. Even during his study at Queen Mary in London he didn’t agree with certain nuclear knowledge at that moment. Over the years – in his spear time – he worked on these personal ideas about the nuclear interactions in the universe. He found new insights on a number of basic atomic/isotope interactions which were opposite the standard “state of the art nuclear knowledge” taught worldwide at universities by the Nobel prize laureates (which I call the emperors of science, or the science gatekeepers). By peer-reviews such science gatekeepers keep control over the science knowledge, mostly to confirm their own importance and the interests of their industry sponsors.

Over 30 years MT Keshe experimented in his “garage” lab to verify or to falsify his personal assumptions. So he saw that a number of “soft” nuclear reactions were possible without the use of high energies as triggers. In example, where the traditional nuclear science claimed that gamma rays were needed to give a certain outcome, MT Keshe saw that the same outcome was possible WITHOUT gamma rays, the like a process to create nano-materials. A process unknown to the nuclear science community world wide.

MT Keshe was able to create nano materials by the use of consumer products from the supermarket!

So when MT Keshe delivered samples of these materials to a famous nano institute (IMEC -Leuven) for test with Raman spectroscopy there was panic in the Belgian Government!

Some phd’s in IMEC claimed that that was only possible by the use of gamma rays! So an iranian scientist used “GAMMA RAYS”, so he needed to have sources of gamma rays in Belgium! Thus MT Keshe was able to make in Belgium a nuclear bomb. So a red flag secret service operation started in Belgium. The case became a national security issue. The press was censored to speak about MT Keshe. Professors in Belgium were pressed to stop all contacts with MT Keshe, they received telephone calls with warnings. Even members of Parliament were censored or threatened not to speak about Keshe Foundation’s technologies.

Next to that a prominent lawyer from Leuven – (Hans B.) which had the function of Head of Cabinet in the Cabinet of Minister of interior Affaires Patrick De Weal – had a personal issue with MT Keshe. Mr H.B. tried before to get hand on the technologies of MT Keshe, as his lawyer for technology transfer. But MT Keshe refused.

In his function as Head of Cabinet Mr. Hans B. was able to control the police forces and Belgian secret service, thus it was easy to “create” a terrorist case against MT Keshe. Once it was inside the Belgian computer system of the secret service that “terrorist” file was shared with other European and Five Eyes secret services. So worldwide secret services considered MT Keshe to be a potential terrorist who had in his possession gamma sources. However the whole “terrorist case” was created in first instance by a corrupt politician (Hans B.) and his network in Belgian police and Belgian secret service, and in second instance by the presumed possession of gamma ray sources. Which was simple to lack of understanding of hidden and unknown nuclear interactions, the ignorance of the 1600 phd’s “emperors of science” in IMEC.

And even that resulted one day in a police interview of myself were I was asked if I was building in Belgium a A-bomb together with Mehran Tavakoli KESHE!

So I request the Belgian authorities and secret service (Staatsveiligheid) of Belgium and of USA to clean the files on MT Keshe from all hoax and false information! I am sure these services will read this post!