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제목: 중력에 대한 고찰, 중력의 새로운 개념들

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    중력에 대한 고찰, 중력의 새로운 개념들

    케쉬재단, 발터 러셀 재단의 과학 이론을 기초로, 새로운 중력개념을 이해하고, 플라스마 우주, 플라스마 전자기장과 행성이 중력점에 위치하여 균형을 유지하는 원리에 대해 이야기 합니다.

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    We have proved through the systems we have developed that have an internal structure similar to the dual core of the Earth, that gravity is created by the interaction of magnetic fields within the different cores of the planet.
    What does gravitational positioning mean and what does it achieve? Gravitational positioning is the principle by which all objects in the universe find their position relative to each other.

    For example this is how the moon Ganymede finds its position (distance, speed) in relation to the planet Jupiter. The position of Ganymede would be different if the composition of its cores was different.

    Similarly the Earth has a fixed position relative to the Sun, the Moon relative to the Earth and so on. Gravitational positioning is the point of balance between the Magnetic and gravitational force fields of one system relative to the other.
    Our new technology that replicates the principles by which the gravitational and Magnetic force fields of the planets are created, makes it possible to create force fields in simple nuclear reactors that can be controlled and fine tuned to find their own position in relation to the Earth. These adjustments make the reactor and its craft ascend from or descend towards the planet’s surface.
    No one has ever seen wings or jet engines on planet Earth, yet it has been in motion for billions of years around its axis and on its solar path. Using the universal principles that make celestial bodies move in respect to each other, there is no need to have craft with wings to attain lift and motion, as in aircraft and in the latest vehicles designed to put passengers into orbit. In our systems, natural gravitational and Magnetic field forces are deliberately created and controlled in the reactors, to make it move within the solar system and to obtain normal Earth-like conditions inside the craft. These craft make use of the real principles of motion in the universe, which are based on magnetic fields.

    keshe gravitational positioning by reactor changes

    This animated image illustrates a craft with a reactor. The reactor contains different matters (matter, antimatter and dark matter), indicated by the small circles with different colors. Changing the configuration of the matters inside the reactor affects their Magnetic and gravitational fields, which in turn alter the magnetosphere around it. This magnetosphere is independent from the magnetosphere of the planet. In order to find its natural gravitational balance relative to the planet’s magnetosphere, the craft is compelled to lift and move itself into a new position.

    This new space technology based on the universal principles of creation of gravitational and magnetic fields has enabled us to develop systems that mirror the way in which Earth’s force fields are produced. Since it is the interaction of these fields that makes the craft move, there is no need for them to burn fuel as used in present-day rocket propulsion technology to launch spacecraft into orbit.
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