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제목: Other Teslar Motor 무한에너지발전기 종류들

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    Other Teslar Motor 무한에너지발전기 종류들

    테슬라 특허를 기반으로하는 무한에너지발전기 종류들

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    1. Rated power: 1 MW ÷ 25 MW and above.
    2. Voltage: 220 V ÷ 10 kV.
    3. Frequency: AC / DC.
    4. Number of phases: 1, 3 and more.
    * parameters for every setting are individual (depending on the requirement of customer).

    1. When operated with external power connection, works as an energy multiplier with efficiency factor up to 10000% (Output is 100X greater than input).
    2. When feeding itself, works as autonomous fuel-free power source.

    10-20 years.

    $500-$1000 per 1 kW.


    Currently, energy situation took a catastrophic turn in the world. Modern energetics exhausted itself completely. Fossil reserves of modern energy run out and day by day they become more and more expensive. The consequences of modern energy are very tragic for the whole planet. Nuclear power plants effect nature least of all under its building location and method of operation. Nuclear radiation safety and utilization of radioactive waste, which causes 95% of all environmental pollution. Alternative energy is also not way out of the situation because it has many shortcomings and large recoupment period. Ecological compatibility of wind stations and hydropower plant is relative, since, hydroelectric stations, for example, damage rivers ant its inhabitants, wind farms create harmful sound range of turbine blades for living organisms. However, there is a solution of this problem. The scientists have designed and developed of fuel-free «YMNEE» power stations. «YMNEE» is protected by the international patent for the method. The power station is a compact autonomous electronic and mechanical system consisting of the motor and generator. In this system principle of energy multiplication is based on that less powerful motor rotate more powerful generator of the energy. In this construction there was used the third type of topology developed by our scientists physics: FULL SCREENING OF CAUSATIVE RELATIONS (in the system reverse magnetic force was removed from the side of stator to the rotor in generator, thereby rotor no longer undergo resistance to the rotation). The difference of this system from many similar ones is that she’s NONRESONANCE SYSTEM. The advantage of nonresonance systems is that they do not need to initially set up and continue to support the complex («floating») resonance in the process. Power of one unit of multiplier can reach few gigawatt (GW) and above. It allows to create power stations of new type. Our generators — are at the same time the most powerful and compact sources of energy in the world! Cost price of generator with the serial production is $30-$50 for 1kW, it’s by 39 times less than cost of wind generator of the same power. It’s the lowest apparatus coast price in the world! The developed energy sources have no equal in absolutely all parameters of comparison!

    Today several countries started production of power sources working on the water, Tesla transformer, magnets, etc. until cold fusion. Above-mentioned sources have several disadvantages (though their profitability, especially at the low powers is rather high): expensive accessories, that do not greatly increase the power, are heavy, difficult to configure and most importantly can not be scaled, and this is the main requirement for the automated mass production. We have long known of these technologies, but we went further. Our «YMNEE» are competitive on all performances: low prime cost, lightweight, the small sizes, possibility of installation in any place, require no configuration, increase power many times and have possibility of scaling. «YMNEE» can be used beginning from individuals and to the largest space agencies. Application of «YMNEE» allows to increase many times the existing generating power of heat electric generation plant and hydroelectric power station and to refuse or reduce consumption of the expensive raw hydrocarbons.


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    What you have been dreaming about, what have been long awaited for, without what life on the Earth is impossible – electric power can become safe, environmentally friendly and available for everybody already tomorrow!!!

    The existing system of power supply permits to install our power plants in a space-saving manner without any capital reconstruction of the present networks. As a result each of us (of you) will be able to obtain the electric power at much lower costs.


    The power plant «YMNEE» is a completely autonomous electronic and mechanical system comprising an engine and a generator. The operation of the system is based on the following principle – a less powerful engine moves a more powerful generator.

    The forces impeding the rotation of the rotor of the generator are eliminated completely in the system which gives an opportunity to create the power plants of a new generation of any power.

    Technical parameters:

    1. Rated power: 1 W – 50 MW and more.
    2. Voltage: 220 kV – 10 kV (AC/DC).
    3. Frequency: 50 Hz– 100 kHz and more.

    The power plant «YMNEE» can comprise one or several units (the number is not limited). The unit of 50 MW power is produced with the natural air cooling. The unit with the power of more than 50 MW can be manufactured, yet it is not rational. The total aggregate power of the power plant can achieve dozens of GW which is enough to supply any country with the electric power.

    Units of 1 MW

    Operational warranty period
    : 10-20 years.

    Efficiency coefficient: can reach 10,000% with the energy multiplication factor K= 100 (the power of a generator is 100 times higher than that of an engine).

    Prime cost: The cost of «YMNEE» when serial production is applied makes $30-$50 per 1 kW which is 39 times less than the cost of the wind turbine of the same power.

    It is the lowest prime cost in the world!

    Wholesale price: $500-$1000 per 1 kW.


    • The possibility to increase the available electric power in times and tens of times (there is nothing similar in the world);
    • Absolutely pure and environmentally friendly energy source;
    • The operation of the power plant does not depend on the external factors (the sun, wind, waves, etc.);
    • The most space-saving energy source in the world;
    • The power plant does not consume any fuel, there are no wastes and discharge;
    • The universal energy source which can be applied anywhere.


    1. Autonomous electric supply of the houses, cottages, enterprises, companies, plants and etc.

    2. Transfer of all transport modes to the new autonomous sources of electric power. At present there is a difficulty with charging and the effective period of the accumulators of electric vehicles. Our energy sources resolve this problem.
    3. Space.
    4. Military.
    5. The prototypes of portable, space-saving energy sources of non-spinning type (our next step) have been designed which allows install them into the portable devices such as: laptops, mobile telephones, pads, etc.


    • all countries to get the required energy in corpora;
    • the modern energy sector to stop polluting the world’s environment;
    • to eliminate the danger of polluting the planet with the wastes and emissions resulting from the emergencies at the nuclear power stations;
    • to improve significantly the environment which will lead to the reduction of numerous diseases;
    • to slow down the global warming process, to implement Kyoto Protocol;
    • to increase the growth of all scientific branches due to our developments;
    • the society to become high-tech having high cultural and educational standards;
    • to make a breakthrough in the development of the scientific and technical revolution which has never been observed in the history of the planet;
    • to stop extinction of flora and fauna.


    The great way starts with the first step and this step we take TOGETHER WITH YOU. We need $300,000 to manufacture the production prototype of «YMNEE» with the power of 1 MW (if we raise the less sum, for example, $150,000 then we will produce the prototype with the power of 300 kW). The period of manufacturing is 3-4 months, yet we will do our best to complete it during the three-month period (the main issues are adjustment and the security system). After manufacturing the prototype there comes patenting of the know-how and obtaining the certificate. Currently we possess an important method patent received from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). After the demonstration of the production prototype, we start implementing the agreements with several investors and consumers on considerable funding of the project and then we commence the mass production of power plants «YMNEE» from 1 MW to 50 MW in different countries (the production of low-capacity power plants is planned for the next stage). When the production commences, we will enter the world market and register a corporation.
    The parent company is the company with the mixed capital. The subsidiaries can also be launched in other regions. The companies will have the limited licenses with the extension right for the security of the patents. We are completely ready to commence the mass production of the power plants and we possess the implementation charts. There are orders for dozens of GW (several national orders and an order from the big European auto manufacturer). The production premises have been chosen.


    Being grateful for your support we present you the most fashionable and stylish things only at half price. If you have not found the thing you have been long dreaming about in our list, write to us and we will do our best to make your dream a reality. If there are any questions (choice and delivery, calculation of the complete cost, your wishes, etc.) write at the following e-mail address: Your choice and your wishes are important to us! $5 Video address with gratitude $10 Video address with gratitude + a MUG with our logo $25 Online demonstration of «YMNEE» + a BASEBALL CAP with our logo $50 A T-shirt with your name and our logo $100 A pair of jeans with your name and our logo $200 iPod Touch 64 GB. CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR!
    $420 iPhone 5s 64GB
    $1,300 McBook Pro 15-inch: 2.3GHz with Retina display
    $1,850 Electric bicycle Smart ebike
    $6,000 Ferrari Segway PT i2 Limited Edition
    $10,000 or more Electric car Chevrolet Spark EV
    $20,000 or more Electric car BMW i3
    $30,000 or more Electric car Tesla Model S (60kWh Battery, 85kWh Battery, 85kWh Perfomance)
    $150,000 or more Autonomous fuel-free power plant «YMNEE» (300kW, 500kW, 700kW, 1MW)

    Some people due to various circumstances cannot make a financial contribution into the project, yet it does not mean that they are not able to assist us. We will be much obliged if you share the information about us with your friends and acquaintances, write an article about us on your website or in your blog or support us with a kind word as a good thing always starts with a good word. At present we have no large groups in the social networks and we suggest you creating these groups. To make this process interesting and fascinating we have an offer ready for you. ATTENTION! THE OFFER FOR THE MOST ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS: bring together the largest and the most active group dedicated to our campaign on indiegogo in any social network and receive a new iPod nano 16 GB (Tap play. Then go play) from us. The results will be announced at the end of our campaign. You should apply for the participation providing your name and last name and the reference to the group created. Participation of each person in the development of our project is important to us! WHO ARE WE?

    We are a group of scientists from CIS countries that for more than 30 years have been dealing with the advanced scientific developments of UFO technologies which is the highest class of technologies in the world! We have made the discoveries which are yet unknown to the modern science. We have developed and made ready for commercialization two revolutionary technologies having no counterparts in the world: 1. Autonomous fuel-free power plant «YMNEE» the most space-saving and powerful in the world ( 2. Encryption system RMX (– the system which can be deciphered never and by nobody at any level of development of a science and computer facilities. An absolute protection of any information.+ The research is being conducted and there are already results in other areas. OUR GLOBAL GOAL

    To lead the humanity out of the technological stagnation and accomplish the breakthrough decades forward. To implement the breakthrough technologies which are highly efficient and environmentally friendly and which allow improve the living standards on the Earth. What seems a fantasy today tomorrow may become real. FAQ

    1. Please explain how are you going to provide the sponsors with the goods from PERKS that are two times as expensive as the sum invested by the sponsor?

    First of all, we make our technology available to everybody’s consideration and hope that we will find the interested and farsighted sponsors who will invest their funds into its development.

    Secondly, the cost value of our product is several times and, when being mass manufactured, tens of times cheaper than the existing wind-driven power plants (which are of the cheapest in the world).

    Thirdly, after the manufacture of the production prototype we have agreements with the private investors, funds and banks about funding of 20 production plants which cost 350 million dollars each + there are other variants of obtaining loans with the option of insuring the contracts on the manufacture of production prototypes and their release.

    2. Do you have a video of the operating model «YMNEE»?

    Yes, we have the video of the operating model «YMNEE» with the power of 400W:

    It is one of our first electromechanical developments that demonstrates the principle of the engine-generator system operation. But we do not stop and improve our developments.

    3. Why do not you want to start the production of the small-capacity power plants of 10-30kW first?

    You will be able to cover much larger market segment than when producing the power station with the power measured in MW.
    Yes, you are partly right. Yet, we have developed our own strategy of entering the world market which accounts for different risks.

    4. There are photographs of the power plant «YMNEE» with the power of 1MW, does it operate?

    No, the 1 MW power plant presented on the photographs does not operate, it is our production prototype which is unfinished inside. We have an unsuccessful experience of cooperation with the investors after which a part of the equipment was left.

    5. You say that you are ready for the mass production yet at the same time you do not have a production prototype. How is it possible?

    Our statements on being ready for the mass production are grounded on the fundamental research and practical experiments. For the last several years we have spent more than two million dollars on development, research, salaries of the laboratory personnel. These funds were raised by the group’s own efforts. We have grounds and are ready to start the mass production of the power plants «YMNEE» after the considerable funding.

    6. How does the power plant «YMNEE»act after a year or several years of operation?

    The power plant operates in the same way as the generator of the car, of the hydroelectric power plant and combined heat and power plant (it simply has conceptual differences from the already known ones: counter electromotive force does not work in it (this force does not impede the motion of the rotor),that is why the operation period is increased, it is not under load and operates much longer than the generators mentioned above in any climatic conditions, belongs to the dynamic portable equipment. Warranty period is 10-20 years.

    7. Is there any radiation or other harmful effects from the power plant «YMNEE» which are dangerous for people?

    There is no radiation or any other harmful effects from the power plant «YMNEE» as well as from any ordinary engine or generator which can be dangerous for the health of the people as there are no chemical or physical and chemical reactions going inside it.

    8. Where will the patent and the certificate be obtained?
    The patent will be obtained in the EU or the USA.

    The certificate will be obtained either from TÜV Rheinland Group or ISO 9001 or our Scientific and Research Institute of Technological Progress. We have already received the first method patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We have duly prepared applications for obtaining several patents when the mass production is being performed.

    9. Can you provide the detailed schemes of the power plant «YMNEE»?

    At present we cannot provide the detailed schemes of the power plant «YMNEE». Our partners will be provided with them at the first stage. It is possible that there will be an open access to them after the start of the mass production and patenting.

    10. Are you ready to sell the technology and start selling the licenses?
    We will not sell our technologies at first. Yet we are already ready to conduct talks on selling the licenses.

    11. A great number of inventions dealing with clean energy appear at the market and several countries have already started the production. Is your product competitive?

    Currently several countries of the world have commenced the production of the energy sources operating on water, Tesla coils, magnets, etc., including cold fusion. Some of them are unprofitable, some of them are not safe and profitability of others is high. The above mentioned sources have several disadvantages: they have expensive components, they do not increase capacity much, they weigh a lot, they are hard to adjust and what is the most important they cannot be or hard to be scaled though scaling is the main requirement for the automated mass production. We have known these technologies for a long time yet we have stepped further. Our «YMNEE»are competitive by all criteria: they are of low cost value, light-weighted, of small dimensions, it is possible to install them in any place, they do not need adjusting, they increase capacity many times and can be scaled. «YMNEE»can be used by private persons as well as the biggest space agencies. The application of «YMNEE»allows increase the existing power of the combined heat and power plant, the hydroelectric power plant many times and reduce the consumption of the expensive fossil fuels.

    12. Is it possible to become your partner in the joint venture?

    Yes, it is still possible. You can become our partner if you are ready to invest either into the joint production or the manufacture of the production prototype, e.g., of 1MW, yet not of dozens of kilowatt. Regarding the issues of cooperation write at the e-mail address:

    13. If our company has the resources required by you (e.g., media, advertisement, exhibition activities, etc.), can you be interested in our possibilities for cooperation?
    Yes, at the initial stage we are ready to provide some privileges to those companies which start helping our new and developing global corporation.

    14. Why having such major technologies you have not received any funding yet?
    We are receiving the offers estimated in million dollars but we refuse to accept them for the following reasons:

    1. The wish to steal the technology spending minimum funds.
    2. Dominance principle (majority share holding with gradual removal of the authors and developers from the project).
    3. We are given the major share holding but are asked to allocate the production facilities on their territory (which, as we understand it, means to reach the goals mentioned in entries 1 and 2).

    15. It is said that fuel-free technologies are impossible to be implemented as the biggest fossil fuel corporations and their owners (who can influence the governments and are not interested in it) will prevent their implementation.
    It is impossible to stop time, development of scientific and technical progress, appearance of new technologies and their implementation (their introduction can only be delayed not for a long time). It is the owners and executives of these corporations seeing that further growth and development has no future can become the first potential partners in the development and advancement of our technologies.

    16. Why have you found INDIEGOGO?
    Our friend told us about the international crowd funding market which deals with the projects including high technologies like ours. We know about the existence of another popular platform but the requirements and conditions of this platform did not satisfy us. We have chosen INDIEGOGO! We did not prepare much but placed our project on INDIEGOGO.

    We consider that people thinking about the future will realize how much our project is different from most of the projects which require funding:

    1. It is in demand today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
    2. The lowest prime cost in the world $30-$50 for 1 kW during 10-20 years of operation.
    3. The possibility to provide people with the reduction of fees and costs of public utility services, food products, consumer goods, transport, communication and other services which are required and will be required by people. SUPPORT OUR PROJECT! YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON YOUR CONTRIBUTION!

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    Free Energy Motor - Generator QMOGEN 1KWATT EVIVA unit from Kiev Ukraine.

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