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Awe, overunity, the classic topic that is perfect for stirring up heated debates with physicists at the drop of a hat. The very fact that I choose to write about this topic will no doubt cause me to lose credibility with many of the loyal readers of BooneyLiving.com. Whether you call it overunity, perpetual motion, or free energy, most physicists will say that creating these types of devices is a pipe dream and that it’s scientifically not possible to achieve. I ask you to keep an open mind when you’re reading this article and remember that the greatest scientific discoveries are often those that were once deemed impossible by well known and respected scientists.
What is Overunity?

Before you can form an opinion about whether this is actually possible you’ll need to understand what it is. Over-unity is most commonly used to describe a machine that is somehow able to output more energy than the amount of energy that is put into it.

This is a bit different than the concept of perpetual motion which is basically just a device that once started will continue to run without any more energy being applied to it. Both of these concepts are theoretically impossible based on our current understanding of physics.
Any machine that is able to put out more energy than the amount of energy that is fed into it is
said to be achieving overunity. This is considered to be impossible by many scientists.

Is Overunity Really Possible To Achieve?

I believe that the answer to this is yes and I think someone will develop an overunity machine in the not to distant future. In fact, I believe that someone may have already successfully built such a device.
According to a well known law of physics, these kinds of devices just aren’t possible to make. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be either created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another.
This is physics as we understand it TODAY; Not as it actually is. I know that just by saying this, physicists all over the world are thinking that I’m an idiot but please just keep an open mind for a moment. I believe the most important thing to understand about physics or any form of science is that it’s not always as black and white as it may seem. New discoveries are being made all the time that were once thought to be impossible.
The thing I enjoy the most about science is the possibility of discovery. I have a very hard time understanding how so many physicists can be so narrow minded as to believe that just because we don’t understand how to do something today we will never be able to do it.
The Internet is full of people who are trying to sell plans for how to make free energy machines. While I believe that free energy is possible, I’m also not so gullible as to believe that these people aren’t probably just running a scam to get our money.
YouTube is full of videos of machines that “claim” to be producing more energy than is put into them. I suppose it’s possible that one of these videos might be true but since I don’t have any way to validate whether they are actual over unity devices, I’m not convinced. I’m not saying that they are all hoaxes but I’m not going to say that they’ve achieved the impossible just yet.
If Such Technology Does Exist, Why Aren’t We Making Use of It Already?

If you’re a fan of this kind of thing, you’ve no doubt heard countless stories of people who have done things like develop a carburetor that gets 100 miles to the gallon only to be threatened, harassed, or even murdered by the powerful oil tycoons who don’t want this technology leaked to the masses. Conspiracy theorists around the globe will tell you that the reason these devices aren’t in use today is because those who come up with working prototypes are either payed millions of dollars by some very powerful people to keep quiet or they are harassed to the point that they are afraid to come forward with their discoveries.
I’m not so sure how to feel about this. Logically speaking, it makes sense that oil companies wouldn’t want society to have access to these types of technologies because it would dramatically hurt their profit margins. Do I believe that they would go so far as to harass budding inventors to the point that they would stop working on their projects for fear of losing their lives? The part of me that doesn’t want to be perceived as a nutty conspiracy theorist wants to say no but if I’m to be 100% honest with myself and my readers, I have to admit that I think there must be at least a modicum of truth to these stories.
It’s not at all difficult for me to believe that a big oil company would buy the patent of an energy saving device and stipulate that the inventor never speak of his or her achievements.
My Plea To Those Working on an Over Unity Generator Project

I’m sure that there are thousands of people or companies who are working on free energy projects even as we speak. To those people, I would like to offer a bit of advice. If you think that posting a video on YouTube of your machine running is going to give you credibility, you’re sadly mistaken. Video evidence isn’t as credible as it once was because it’s just too easy to fake. Anyone with an iPhone and a YouTube account can throw together this type of a video. This isn’t the 30′s where something as simple as the War of the Worlds radio broadcast was enough to incite mass hysteria.
Some might believe you but most people will pigeon hole your video as just another smoke and mirrors hoax on YouTube. If you really want some credibility, call your local news and have them document the machine working in the presence of a respected scientist who will validate that your machine is actually doing what you’re claiming it is doing.
Here’s a perfect example of an over unity motor video that seems believable enough but it’s missing the important element of having a reputable third party person to validate the claims made in it.

What Are Your Thoughts?

I absolutely love discussing the topic of overunity. Please take a minute and share your thoughts on the matter with the rest of us here at BooneyLiving.com. You can leave a comment in the box at the bottom of your screen to join in on the conversation.

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